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Carburants, Lubrifiants & Fluides pour le Transport


GFC Membership Conditions

According to the article 3 of GFC constitution, all the companies or bodies, French or not French, can be members of the GFC, when interested in the activities of the GFC and belonging to one of the colleges below:

  • Oil and Chemistry Industries , manufacturers of additives,
  • Industries of vehicles, engines and their equipments,
  • Users, laboratories, universities and technical schools.

To join, the company or candidate body has to send its demand for the GFC.

Its application must be sponsored by 2 member companies or participants associated to the GFC and it involves the acceptance of the entire constitution of the GFC and the internal rules (available on www.gfc-tests.org site.

The Executive committee judges its eligibility according to the technical contribution which the candidate may bring to the works of the GFC and confirms the college to which it will be up.

The definitive admission is subordinated to a favorable vote of the General assembly.

The article 8 of the internal rules was modified, simplifies the system of the membership fees and reduces its cost compared with the previous years:

The basic contribution of member for a committee is 1200 € for year 2018; this amount is revised every year;

The members participating in two committees pay a double contribution (that is €2400), and the participating members to three committees pay a triple contribution (that is €3600);

The members participating to more than three committees pay a triple contribution (that is €3600);

Universities and Schools benefit from a free membership fee the first year and of a 80 % reduction from the 2nd year; the same reduction is applied on their voting rights.

The article 5 of the internal rules was modified for associated members:

A company which is not a member of GFC can participate in one or more Working or Surveillance Groups as associated members provided it follows the GFC By-Laws and Protocols and meets the following conditions:

  • Application for membership must be made to the Chairman who will consult with the Working Group Pilot
  • Compliance with the criteria for membership as defined in the constitution.
  • Payment of an annual fee per Working Group must be paid to GFC. The amount has be defined by the Executive Committee #105 of June 2013. It is 50% of the subscription to one committee (that is €600); this subscription is due also to join a round robin test.

Any company member or associated member of GFC may be represented at the meetings of one or more Working Groups.