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Since 60 years, GFC has developped test methods for fluids used in transportation

Call for contribution to GFC technical conferences around November 2023

Every 2 years, the GFC organizes 2 days of technical conferences (GFC days); The next ones will take place around November 2023.

We are currently preparing the program; Thank you for making proposals for presentations, or ideas for content and speakers to solicit.

Below is a preliminary list of possible themes

Title : provisionally:  : "Impact of environmental requirements on transport fluids"  / "Life Cycle Assessments & Environment for Fluids for Transport"

 Thematics to be addressed:

Evolution of regulations and public expectations

  1. Emissions regulations
  2. End of life regulations
  3. REACH regulation
  4. Battery regulation
  5. Carbon footprint


                               Response of the industry

  1. Diversification of transport technologies
  2. Recycling
  3. Life Cycle Analysis / LCA
  4. Ecodesign
  5. Process
  6. Packaging ...


                               Fluids contribution

    1. Diversity of powertrains (thermal, hybrid, electric,..)
    2. New Low Carbon fuels (e-fuels, H2, Biogas, NH3,...)
    3. Technical requirements for lubricants and coolants
    4. Improvement of technical performances
    5. Measurement and testing methods...




Cooperation between GFC and EVOLEN

Next conferences annual days to know more about EVOLEN