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GFC invites you to round robin tests

In 2024, the GFC is organizing round robin tests on the following methods:

Coolant Corrosion Glassware GFC-FL-22

Coolant Corrosion Hot Plates GFC-FL-108-X-04

Coolant Alkalinity Reserve GFC-FL13/FL111

Coolant foaming GFC-FL-10

Coolant Dynamic Corrosion GFC-FL-23

Coolant Ageing by Measurement of GFC-FL-24 Glycolates

GFC-SG2-95 Oil Micro-Coking Test

GFC-SG3-10 Oil Panel Cocker Test

Pistons rating

Rolling on greases ISO 12940

Improvement of the NF T60-144 standard on Grease Sulphated ash

Thermal Ageing of Oils under Nitrogen GFC-TR-41-A-14


Participating is a win-win approach: Statistical validity is improved by a larger number of participants and they can check their good practices, compare themselves to other laboratories (anonymously) and obtain a certificate of proficiency at a very low cost. (Rule 5.4 of the GFC by-laws)

A company that is not a member of the GFC may participate in a round robin tets if it owns (or purchases) the corresponding method and pays a contribution for the costs of organization estimated at half the price of the annual membership fee to the corresponding technical committee; This payment does not give access to the meetings of the committee, but to the meetings of the working group for the organization and results of the trial.

GFC is adherent to AFNOR and to SIA

Cooperation between GFC and EVOLEN

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