Purpose GFC Fuels, Lubricants & Fluids Transport

Groupement Francais de Coordination pour le développement des essais de performance des Carburants, des Lubrifiants et autres Fluides dans les Transports


The Groupement Français de Coordination is a non-profit organization gathering ompanies belonging to one of the following three colleges:

· Oil and Chemistry Industries,  manufacturers of additives;

· Manufacturers and equipment manufacturers of automobile, ground and maritime transport;

· Users, laboratories, universities and technical schools.

Companies can be a full member or associated participant.

The GFC is mainly technically directed to the development of methods of characterization of the technical performances of lubricants, fuels and other fluids used in the transport.

The work of development is made in groups of cooperative work.

The GFC does not establish specifications as regards the quality of products others than the equipment and reference materials necessary for the execution of the tests of performances.

The GFC was previously the French representative in theEuropean body CEC; CEC was restructured in 2001: it does not consist any more of national associations and work is based on call for tenders in a laboratory to develop the methods and organize a round test robin.

The GFC has for vocation to create methods but also to take back methods not being followed any more by the CEC, without competing with the CEC.

The GFC is also ready to welcome groups of surveillance of CEC which would not be any more born by the new organization, in agreement with these.

All these evolutions lead to an internationalization of the GFC, and the constitution was modified to this end; English is used if necessary in working groups.

The statistical approval of the works of the GFC is done by specialists on basis equivalent to those of the CEC methods.

The GFC continues more than ever, in complementarity to " new CEC ", to insure the development, the maintenance and the operation of the necessary methods and to offer a forum of technical exchanges to more than forty ) members (SME, big groups, bodies) of the automobile and of the other forms of transportation.