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Groupement Francais de Coordination pour le développement des essais de performance des Carburants, des Lubrifiants et autres Fluides dans les Transports

Le Groupement Français de Coordination

Death of Roger Brégent

 The GFC has sad to announce the death of Roger Brégent occurred May 18th, 2018, in his 74th year. Roger Brégent was the project manager of lubricants and fuels standardized tests methods in the French Institute of petroleum (now IFP Energies nouvelles) up to 2004.

He was very involved in the activities of the GFC and the CEC for more than 35 years. He was president of the CTLM for many years.

We express our sympathy to his family and friends



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 november 14th & 15th 2018


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"The fluids in front of environmental issues and technological developments in transportation" 

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The Groupement Français de Coordination is a non-profit making association created in 1963 at the initiative of IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole), now IFPEN, for the purpose of developing and fine tuning test methods that are essential to the oil industry, motorists and users.

The GFC’s main objectives are to ensure a forum of technical exchanges between experts in the domain of transportation fuels, lubricants and other fluids, and develop performance test methods in response to the national and European needs expressed by its members.

News from GFC

Friday 09 February 2018

Fuel eco, a must for the environment

Read here  (sorry, in French only) the synthesis of presentations of  GFC technical conference in 2016 prepared by EVOLEN and supplemented by GFC

Thank you to EVOLEN 

A new group is opened to investigate new needs for engine lubricants

Sunday 17 December 2017

1 - Evolution of the method GFC-LU-43-A-11, aging by oxidation of motor oils in the presence of biofuel diesel

2-possibly needs for new methods: some ideas:

-        representativity of ageing methods

-        method to ageing big volume of pre aging oil before engine test

-        method of ageing with types and levels of organic in the diesel-fuel differing from the GFC-LU-43 method

-        ageing 'nitro-oxidation type' – method

-        ageing of oil in the presence of gasoline

Method update

Saturday 16 December 2017

Following round robin tests, GFC has just reviewed several methods:

-        GFC-FL-10-A-17 on foaming

-        GFC-FL-22-T-17 on corrosion in glassware

-        GFC-FL-108-A-17 Corrosion on hot plates

-        GFC-LU-27-A-13-Version 3 microcoking

Cooperation between GFC and EVOLEN

Friday 15 December 2017

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GFC Technical conference in 2016

Sunday 20 November 2016

Each year for 20 years, GFC has organized technical conferences; in 2016, it was in Paris La Défense on November 16th et 17th novembre and the topic was

Fuel eco, a must for the environment

                                                         Thank you to our sponsors FEV et LUBRIZOL



You can find here the programm; if you want copies of the presentations, please contact the secretariat.