GFC Fuels, Lubricants & Fluids Transport

Groupement Francais de Coordination pour le développement des essais de performance des Carburants, des Lubrifiants et autres Fluides dans les Transports

The GFC is constituted by four technical committees:

Technical committee of Transmission Lubricants ( CTLT)

The CTLT, Technical Committee Transmissions Lubricants, is the French equivalent of the former TLTC (Transmission Lubricants Technical Committee) of the CEC. It was created from 1967 and is interested in lubricants necessary for the transmissions of the ground vehicles (automobiles, heavy trucks, tractors, machines of construction site); It is worth to notice that it works also on greases.

Technical committee of Engine Lubricants ( CTLM)

The objectives of the CTLM are to identify needs, at the French level, in tests procedures for the evaluation of the performances of engine lubricants, to develop, to publish, to spread these procedures and to insure the follow-up. The CTLM is the French equivalent of the former ELTC (Engine Lubricants Technical Committee) of the CEC and he insures the connection with the works realized by the other standardization groups  (CEC, BNPé).

Technical committee of Engine Fuels ( CTCM)

The CTCM, Technical Committee of Engine Fuels is, within the GFC, the forum of discussions and study of the questions relative to fuels and to engines of every types. Constituted by French experts in these technical domains, the CTCM has for essential missions the European and national sharing of the experiences as well as the piloting of the working subgroups connected with it.

Technical committee of the Other Fluids ( CTAF)

The Technical Committee of the Other Fluids ( CTAF) was created in 1991 to be integrated(joined) into the CEC at first as FSG (Fluids Special Group) in 1996 within the framework of CEC's committees (ECTC Engine Coolants Technical Committee). Further to the meeting of April 20th, 2001 in Paris, it becomes again a technical committee of the GFC (CTFA: Technical Committee of the Automobile(Automotive) Fluids) with the same active members: French, Italian, Spanish, English and German. 

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