Technical conference day on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 GFC Fuels, Lubricants & Fluids Transport

Groupement Francais de Coordination pour le développement des essais de performance des Carburants, des Lubrifiants et autres Fluides dans les Transports

Technical conference day on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Europe and Energy & Environnement Regulation: impacts & solutions for transportation 

Below is the program of the day

You can download here the summary  (in French) that has been made by Jean-Marie BOTTE and which was published in the journal « PETROLE et Gaz Informations »  (thanks to EVOLEN for permission to put this document online)

Introduction: context and stakes X. MONTAGNE GFC
Biofuels LCA, CO2 market and aeronautics JF GRUSON IFPEN
Marine Trends and the impact of the new regulations and legislations  S. LEBLANC INFINEUM
light Vehicles  - road map 2012 - 2020 J. COMPAGNE ACEM
Evaluation method of fuels during the cold functioning of the diesel engine: L. STARCK GSM
 iImpact  on engine and the rise of temperature; consequences on the methods concerning coolants D. FROMONTEIL GFC/PSA
Evaluation method of the oxidation of a engine lubricant in the presence of biofuels L. TIQUET GFC
Sustainable biofuels, a major stake for Air France S. BRINGTOWN AIR France
Friction Modifiers For Low Viscosity Engine Oils  J. EASTWOOD  CRODA lubrifiants
The energy efficiency and optimal thermal management of an hybrid vehicle A. SCIARRETTA IFPEN
Advanced software solution of transport cost optimization: how  to better plan  tours to reduce the invoice? JX. DUBOIS  ORTEC
Biolubricants in the European ECOLABEL V.  BOUILLON BfB-IESPM
Energy, Raw materials and Environment: challenges to insure a sustainable mobility Philippe SCHULZ  RENAULT
After-treatment evolutions Ph. VERNOUX IRCELYON
The impact on the transport of the energy-climate package  of the European directive Y. LEMAIRE MEDD
Conclusions X. MONTAGNE GFC

Below is the program of the day;