2013 GFC CONFERENCE GFC Fuels, Lubricants & Fluids Transport

Groupement Francais de Coordination pour le développement des essais de performance des Carburants, des Lubrifiants et autres Fluides dans les Transports


FUELS, LUBRICANTS and GREASES: which base-stock for which application?

You can download here the summary  (in French) that has been made by Jean-Marie BOTTE and which was published in the journal « PETROLE et Gaz Informations »  (thanks to EVOLEN for permission to put this document online)

Below is the program of the day; 

Structuring trends in the domains of lubricants, greases and fuels                           TOTAL

Greases: which evolutions in the future?                                                               FUCHS

GFC methods water content, compatibility between greases                                     GFC

Biolubricants in automotive field                                                                            ITERG

Defining The Window of Opportunity For Using Esters 
in Modern Low Viscosity,High Performance Engine Oil                                              CRODA                

Synthetic Base Stocks for Automotive and Industrial Fluids *                                   BASF

4 strokes engine oils : new constraints, new advantages of esters                             NYCO

Oil Soluble PAGs and their Performance Attributes as Lubricant formulation Components * DOW

The evolution of PAO from decene to                                                   EXXON MOBIL Chemicals

VISCOBASE® High Viscosity Synthetic Base Fluid, 
an Economic Alternativefor Modern Gear Oils                                                        EVONIK

Requirements and Specification Development for HD Engine Oils *                  VOLVO TRUCKS

HVO – an advanced renewable component to diesel fuels *                                   NESTE OIL

Advanced technology fuels impacts on Diesel engines                                   PSA Peugeot-Citroën

The GFC: a fifty years dynamic organization                                                               GFC

                                                             *original tittle in English