Technical committee of Engine Lubricants GFC Fuels, Lubricants & Fluids Transport

Groupement Francais de Coordination pour le développement des essais de performance des Carburants, des Lubrifiants et autres Fluides dans les Transports

Technical committee of Engine Lubricants


Technical committee of Engine Lubricants ( CTLM)



The CTLM, Technical Committee of Engine Lubricants, is one of the four Technical Committees of the GFC, the activity of which focuses on the evaluation of the performances of the lubricants for internal combustion engines.

The history of the CTLM dates back to the origins of the GFC in 1963.

The GFC was the French equivalent of the CEC-ELTC (Engine Lubricant Technical Committee) until the profound reorganization of the CEC in 2001.

CTLM members

The CTLM brings together GFC member companies and has 18 members in 2018.

- Automotive and equipment  industry

· Oil companies, lubricating industry and additives manufacturers

- Testing laboratories, Engine or petroleum product users

The main missions of the CTLM

-Allow technical exchanges between manufacturers, the oil industry, additive manufacturers and users

-Identify the need for test procedures for the evaluation of the performances of engine lubricants and for the characterization of engine lubricants

-Develop, publish, distribute and monitor these procedures

-Promote validated test methods to standardization bodies (AFNOR, BNA, …)

-Provide technical support for engine ratings

The organization of the CTLM

Chairman of CTLM : Jean-Claude FORT (FEV)

Deputy Chairman of CTLM : Laurent TIQUET (IESPM)



The activities of the CTLM - The main working groups and the test methods

 Evaluation of the performances of the lubricants

§  SG2-95  Detergency with the Micro Coking Test

                                       Pilote Perle BOYEKA / GROUPE RENAULT

Reference: GFC-LU-27-A-13 version3      


§  SG3-10  Panel Coker Test (dispersivity and coking)

                                       Pilote Laurent DALIX / TOTAL       

Reference: GFC-LU-29-A-15

Description: PANEL COKER TEST - Coking Test on sloping plate

§  SG5-13  Dispersivity of oils using the spot test

                                       Pilote Christophe LODE / GROUPE PSA         

§  SG9-15  Aging of engine oils in laboratory

                                       Pilote Arnaud LANGLAIS / GROUPE PSA            

Reference: GFC-LU-43-A-11-ind3

Description: Diesel motor oils ageing by oxidation in the presence of bio-fuel             

 Characterization of the lubricants

§  SG7-10  Impact of biodiesel on PAI (by FTIR)

                                       Pilote Laurent TIQUET / IESPM     

Reference: GFC-LU-44-T-15

Description: Determination of the Oxidation of Used Lubricants by FTIR using Peak Area Increase Calculation

Technical support activity

§  Rating of engines    Pilote Jean-Claude FORT / FEV


See chapter "methods"